virtual sponsorship

As you probably already know all of the dogs that we have in foster are cared for in the homes of our volunteers.  Each volunteer has a varied number of dogs in their care as some prefer 1 or 2 dogs others have more.  When all our foster homes become full we need to place any further rescues into kennels.  

The cost of the kennel per dog, per night has to come out of our budget, so we have started a sponsorship program where you have the opportunity to sponsor a dog in kennels.

If you would like to sponsor a dog in kennels we will send you a cetificate with details of the dog you are sponsoring.

The cost of sponsoring has 2 payment options that you have the option to choose from. 

Option 1 is 1 easy payment of £36 per year 

option 2 by 12 monthly installments of £3 per month.

Both options are easily payable by standing order

If you would like more information about sponsoring or would like to sponsor a dog please contact Ros Bane by Facebook or by calling her on 07950424743.